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    Heavy/Arcane hybrid build (PvP/TW)



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    Heavy/Arcane hybrid build (PvP/TW)

    Post  Rei on Sun Aug 16, 2009 3:47 am

    I'm just copy/ pasting everything I wrote on the official PWI venomancer forum.

    Keep in ming that this build is desgined for Territory war, PvP, PK and optimised survivalbility and versatility between melee and magical attacks, and melee and magical defense. It's not so much of a DD though it still does signifacnt damage, it has lesser magic attack compared to it's arcane counterpart.

    Extreme build! Proceed with caution.
    If you're a new player just trying to suss out which
    build you want or what build you should be be using
    this is not the right build for you!
    Heed my advice and turn back
    now, go seek out an arcane build guide otherwise you'll seriously nerf
    yourself trying to level up with this kind of build.
    This build is aimed at experienced, high level players
    looking for more potential in their venomancer
    and by higher level, I mean 70+.

    Before I proceed, you need to know that thanks to the venomancer's
    versatility from all it's skill trees and forms, there are quite a few
    different builds possible. This guide only explains one kind, however.
    Also take note that most veno pvp builds are based on only the
    minimum magic needed to use a weapon your level. This is the trade
    off for your defense. This is the 'Heavy armour hybrid' build.

    Light armour hybrid=Human form/fox form+magic weapon+
    Light+Arcane armour, magic and melee attack.
    Light armour battle fox=Fox form+magic weapon+light armour, melee.
    Melee venomancer=Human form+melee weapon+no skills, melee.
    Heavy armour battle fox=Fox form+magic weapon+heavy armour,melee.
    Heavy armour hybrid=Fox form+human form+magic weapon+ heavy+arcane
    armour, magic and melee.
    Arcane venomancer=Human form+magic weapon+arcane armour, magic.

    This is the right build for you if you're looking for:

    1. Territory war/PvP
    2. Survivalbility
    3. Versatility
    4. The ability to adjust to any kind of situation at hand
    5. Magic + Melee attacks- that both do significant damage
    6. Tanking..... yes, you can tank bosses should the situation be dire.

    Now, while the pros to this build may be quite attractive to you,
    you need to very carefully weigh up the cons aswell.

    1. Costly- You may have to restat more than once, and the
    EQs you need can cost alot too

    2. Even though your defense sky rockets, you have to surrender
    some magic attack

    3. Low HP pool- This can be fixed however with refines on
    armour and HP stones

    4. It can be difficult to build,
    since there's no fixed stat per level guide, you have to figure this yourself

    This build dosen't become effective until 80+ so if you're 70, you should
    only be considering it right now. It's probably better even to leave it until
    90, as Obsessed did, then ideally you'll only restat that one time and you'll
    know for certain everything you need and everything you need to do.

    Now, this is the most important part and I want you to read this over
    and over and over until you completly understand 100% everything i'm
    telling you here. This build is designed primairly for PVP. Now, what makes
    this so different from light armour builds in pvp is that it actually works
    in more ways than one.

    Remember that light armour and this heavy/robe armour build takes
    advantage of the fox tree skills in pvp, however fox form is a completly
    different concept to that of the barbarian transformation in relation to
    the weapons.

    Here's the trick with fox form:
    When you transform into a fox, all your attacks are now melee, or physcial.
    What determines your damage in fox form is your weapon's physical attack
    and your own STR stat, or physical attack. BUT! You can't use melee weapons
    in fox form unlike barbarians because the skill description reads that you must
    either be bare handed or use a magic weapon. And, to top it off, all your
    equipment is locked in fox form so you can't change to a melee weapon
    either after transforming.

    This is why having a dex build for light armour renders useless. (I've been
    a light veno before so I know what i'm talking about.) Light armour requires
    a high amount of dex but the same amount of str to wear it. However even
    though you gain a very high crit rate, accuracy and evasion, it's all useless
    when your base attack is pittiful.

    The beauty of this build is that it's not simply a dumb mage wearing
    the wrong armour, all the stats used in this build have more than one purpose.

    Str= Armour+fox form physical attack.
    Dex=Armour+Crits+accuracy+evade = both forms.
    Mag= Armour+weapon+human form magic attack.
    Vit= Well you only have 3 vit but it's your HP.

    Weapon: Magic weapon, usually magic swords.
    Armour: Heavy and arcane.
    Form:Fox form and human form.
    Damage type:Melee and Magic.

    Your stat points will always be extremly stretched out, so much so
    that you can't make this build unless your equipments such as belts,
    rings, helmet ect all add on to extra stat points. They have to be
    either +Dex, +Str or +Magic. Venos gain little HP points per +vit so +HP
    bonuses are better, but they're only an indulgence.

    Your vitality points HAVE to be at 3. You cannot spare any more points
    into them. Altough it seems like a major design flaw, it can very easily
    be made up for with your armour. Now the most important thing is yes,
    there is no stat points distrib per level guide because no two heavy/robe
    venomancers ever have the same build.

    Unless this build strictly used moulds which all had the same accquired
    stat bonuses which it dosen't. All your stat points have to come from
    your armour. In total I have 124 extra stat points which make my build possible.
    You need to constantly check the next armour's requirements and weapon too
    and build yourself as such. I can give you a guide on which armours/weapons
    are most desirable however it's up to you to make it happen.

    Now, remember I said heavy/robe so this build isn't heavy armour only.
    Another reason this build prevails over light armour is because heavy
    armour gives the most physical defense and arcane armour gives the
    most magic defense. So far the most physical defense i've reached is
    16,948 fully buffed in fox form with my heavy armour on.

    Pretty insane right? Well imgaine when i'm fully buffed in level
    90 heavy armour with the sage fox form skill... 20k+! Very Happy
    Yeah, I wasn't lying about the defense. That insane number will
    help you survive many melee ganks in TW Smile

    This can be built from lower levels however I do advise against it. Level 79+ is
    ideal, the more base stat points the better. You'll find it difficult/slow at lower
    levels levelling up with this kind of build. Ideally from level 1-79 you'd be
    arcane pve mage. Now, arcane builds are the best, they rarley ever take
    damage, they have fantastic pet heals and damage, and good HP...
    They can also the farm the beans out of dungeons making them rich.
    Therefore the cost of a restat later on is no worries.

    Remember each heavy/robe hybrid build is unique, never built
    with the same exact stats so all I can give you is basic guidelines.

    If you start out around level 79, don't fret about not having the
    same armour and weapon for your level. It is your main goal but
    you can work up for both quickly.

    If you choose to restat later, at around 79-81:

    Your Vit should be 3. No more added, only more should be gained as stat bonuses from your equipment.

    Your Magic should be 210 to equip the Sakyamuni's light

    Your Str should be 177 to equip TT70 heavy armour

    Your Dex should be 39 to equip TT70 heavy armour

    Level 70 ideal weapons:
    Magic Swords: (210 magic required)
    Sakyamuni's light [M.A=598-731-330-494]
    Phys res+216 Evasion+ 214 Magic attack +56.
    Greif's Breath [M.A= 584-713 P.A=322-482]
    MP+235 Vit+10-11
    Ashura's Sign [M.A=584-713 P.A=322-482]
    Magic attack+63 Magic+10-11

    Wands: (213 mag required)
    Alcalantha wand [M.A=642-655-P.A=282-344]
    Magic attack+63 MP+210 Magic+10-11

    Level 79 Weapon: (Mould- 237 magic required)
    Glaives of divinity [M.A=591-887 P.A=367-497]
    Mag+8-6 MP+235 Max mag attack+94

    Level 80 Ideal Weapons:
    Magic Swords:
    Yaksa [M.A=673-822 P.A=370-555]Phys. Res.: +216
    Magic +12-13 Critical Hit Rate +1%
    Endless Ambiguity [M.A=673-822 P.A=370-555]Max
    magic attack+118 Channeling -3% HP+165

    Wands: (243 magic required)
    Alcalantha Wand: Sunflame [M.A=740-755 P.A=324-396]
    Mag+12-13 Vit+12-13 Max magic attack+106

    Glaives: (240 magic required)
    Wheel of life [M.A= 598-897 P.A= 372-502]
    Mag+12-13 Dex+12-13 Magic attack+70

    Level 89 Weapon: (Mould -267 mag required)
    Magic Swords:
    Requiem Blade [M.A=740-904 P.A=407-610]
    Dex 10-11 Magic 10-11 Vit 10-11

    Level 90 Weapons: (270 Mag required)
    Magic Swords:
    Innocent Reverie [M.A=748-914 P.A=411-616]
    Mag+14-15 Crit+1% Evasion+262
    Wraith Conquerer [M.A=748-914 P.A=411-616]
    Mag+14-15 Vit+14-15 Channeling-3%

    Wheel of denied fate [M.A=665-997 P.A= 413-558]
    Magic attack+77 Channeling -3% Magic+14-15

    As for everything else, you are to wear a HP helmet period.

    My Current EQs:
    Weapon: (Previous, lvl 70-82)
    Sakyamuni's light+5 [701-834 M.atk 433-597 P.atk] Magic attack+56 Phys. Res.+216 Evasion+214.
    1x Beautiful Magic atk shard (lvl 70)

    (Previous, lvl 83-88)
    Yaksa+3 [727-876 M.atk 424-609 P.atk] +Magic+13 +Critical hit+1% +Phys. Res.+216. (lvl 80 TT weapon)

    Requiem Blade +5 [854-1081 M.atk 521-724 P.atk] Mag+10 Dex+11 Vit+10 1x Flawless magic atk shard.
    (lvl 89 Mould)

    Previous Armour (level 80-89)
    Helmet: Rocking thunder helm+2 [HP+302]. Dex+4 Magic+4 Str+4 2x Average HP shards. (lvl 81)
    Heavy plate:Plate of corsaire+1 [HP+36]. Speed +.20 M/S Evasion+110 Dex+4 x3 Average HP shards. (lvl 79)
    Heavy leggings: Cuisses of sea captain+2 [HP+72] . Str+5 Magic+5 HP+70 x3 Average HP shards. (lvl 77)
    Boots: Greaves of might. Water res+211 Phys res+94 (lvl70)
    Wristguards:Vambracers of Tiger's roar+1 [+36 HP]. Dex+6 Str+6 Vit+6. (lvl 80) x4 Beautiful HP shards.

    Current armour:

    Heavy plate: Mountcrasher plate +5 [HP+230] HP+80 Phys Res.+167 Vit+8 (Lvl 90) x2 Beautiful Citrine shards
    Heavy Leggings:Mountcrasher Cuisses+5 [HP+230] Vit+7 Dex+7 HP+80 (Lvl 90) x3 Beautiful Citrine shards
    Boots: Mountcrasher Greaves+5 [HP+230] Vit+8 MP Recov +5 HP Recov+5 (Lvl 90) x4 Beautiful Citrine shards
    Wrists: Vambracers of Tiger's Roar+1 (See previous EQs)

    Rings: Ring of open skyx2 Magic. Ring one:+5 dex +5 dex +80 HP. Ring 2: Dex+5 Dex+5 (Thanks Obsessed!) (lvl 78)
    Waist: Amulet of the fastidious, protection belt. +5 str +4 str +4 magic. (lvl 75)
    Necklace: Necklace of integrity,protection necklace. Magic+5 str+4 dex+4 (lvl 82)
    Cape: Chromacy CapeMag+5 Dex+4.

    These are all either bought or found equipment. Take notice on how they
    all add +str +dex +mag +vit. Now, the only shards
    you should be using a HP only. Remember that a low HP is your only weak point but it can be easily made up for. There's 3 kind of shards to consider
    in your weapon, physical attack, magical attack or accuracy.

    Normally you shouldn't worry about accuracy shards though, your
    accuracy is decent when in fox form (250%) and especially if you
    choose the sage cultivation your accuracy
    will receive an even bigger boost. Just remember other caster types
    won't be happy to buy a magic weapon with a physical shard in it xD

    The demon/sage cultivation is entirely up to your own playstyle.
    There's no either or, don't listen to:
    "Oh sage is only good for chi"
    "Demon is only good for running away"

    Each one has it's own benefits, thinnk it over carefully. I'm personally
    going sage mainly for the extra chi gain which will really help in TW/PvP
    along with the increase in Pdef and accuracy in fox form. Since this
    build uses both tree skills, consider demon and sage benefits for both.
    Obsessed is a level 95 demon venomancer, so it might be worth asking
    her about demon skills.

    I'll post my character stats when fully buffed once I get to
    level 90 with my TT90 gear xP

    My previous stats sit at: (level 8x)
    (Without EQ add ons)

    Str: 188
    Magic: 238
    Dex: 21

    With EQ add ons
    Vit: 12
    Str: 216
    Magic: 279
    Dex: 63
    Hit Points: 3148

    My current Stats sit at: (level 90)
    Without EQ add ons
    Vit: 3
    Str: 195
    Magic: 246
    Dex: 21

    With EQ add ons
    Vit: 46
    Str: 227
    Magic: 279
    Dex: 69

    and for comparison:

    Obsessed's (level 95 heavy/robe veno) stats sit at:

    (Base stats, no EQ add ons)
    Vit: 41
    Str: 192
    Magic: 245
    Dex: 12

    (With EQ add ons)

    Vit: 80
    Str: 234
    Magic: 278
    Dex: 61
    Hit Points: 5874

    Any thoughts, questions, ideas, please post. Any disagreements or criticsm are welcomed so long as it's not just 'eww heavy sucks'. Give a good reason why it does.

    <<<>>>Guide fully updated as of 23/07 <<<>>>

    Link to original version:


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    Re: Heavy/Arcane hybrid build (PvP/TW)

    Post  AnnaLaura on Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:52 am

    There's no poll selection for if you already are one Sad

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    Re: Heavy/Arcane hybrid build (PvP/TW)

    Post  Rei on Mon Aug 17, 2009 5:00 am

    lmao, after all the thought I put into all the poll options, I didn't think to add that. I can't even vote myself xD

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    Re: Heavy/Arcane hybrid build (PvP/TW)

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